Sorcery and Cecelia

Sorcery and Cecelia: Or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot (The Cecelia and Kate Novels Book 1), (Collaboration with Patricia C. Wrede) Harcourt Books, 2003. ISBN 0-15-204615-1. (This hardcover edition has only slight revisions to the text of the novel originally published in paperback, 1988).

Magic Carpet Books, 2004, mass-market paperback. ISBN 0-15-205300-X

Latvian edition, Apburta Sokolades Kruze, from Zvaigzne ABC Publishers Ltd, Riga, 2010. Trade paperback. ISBN 978-9934-0-0900-6

Chinese edition from Muses Publishing House, Sindian City, Taiwan.

First Publication: Sorcery and Cecelia, (Collaboration with Patricia C. Wrede) Ace books, 1988, mass-market paperback. ISBN 0-441-77559-4

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