Caroline Stevermer and the Hawthorne Effect

  • “Watching the Bobolinks”

    “Watching the bobolinks,” in The Armless Maiden: And Other Tales for Childhood’s Survivors, Terri Windling, editor. Tor Books, 1995. ISBN 0-312-85234-7  

  • “Rag”

    “Rag,” in The Essential Bordertown, Terri Windling and Delia Sherman, editors. Tor Books, hardcover, 1998. ISBN 0-312-86593-7. Trade paperback ISBN 0-312-86703-4  

  • A College of Magics

    A College of Magics, Tor Books, hardcover, Spring, 1994. ISBN 0-312-85689-X. mass-market paperback, 1995. ISBN 0-812-53005-5. Starscape Books, 2002, trade paperback. ISBN 0-765-34245-6 French trade paperback edition, L’equilibre des ancres, from Les moutons electriques, Lyon. ISBN 2-915793-21-22 French mass-market paperback edition, Le College de Magie, from Le Livre de Poche. ISBN 978-2-253-11691-2 Russian edition from […]

  • “The Springfield Swans”

    “The Springfield Swans,” (Collaboration with Ryan Edmonds), in Snow White, Blood Red, Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow, editors. William Morrow, 1993, hardcover. ISBN 0-688-10913-6. Avon books, mass-market paperback. ISBN 0-380-71875-8. Creed mass-market paperback. ISBN 0-45-118443-2  

  • “Waiting for Harry”

    “Waiting for Harry,” in All Hallows’ Eve, Mary Elizabeth Allen, editor. Walker, 1992, hardcover. ISBN 0-8027-1252-5

  • River Rats

    River Rats, Harcourt Brace, Spring, 1992, hardcover. ISBN 0-15-200895-0. Magic Carpet Books, mass-market paperback, 1996. ISBN 0-15-201411-X. Magic Carpet Books mass-market paperback. ISBN 0-15-205554-1

  • The Serpent’s Egg

    The Serpent’s Egg by Caroline Stevermer, Ace Books, 1988, mass-market paperback. ISBN 0-441-75912-2

  • “Cenedwine Brocade”

    “Cenedwine Brocade” in the shared-world anthology Liavek (Liavek #3) : Wizards’ Row, Will Shetterly and Emma Bull, editors, Ace Books, 1987, mass-market paperback. ISBN-13: 978-0441481903

  • The Duke and the Veil

    The Duke and the Veil, as C. J. Stevermer. Ace Charter books, 1981, mass-market paperback. ISBN 0-441-16956-2 

  • The Alchemist

    The Alchemist: Death of a Borgia, as C. J. Stevermer. Ace Charter books, 1980, mass-market paperback. ISBN 0-441-01426-7 

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